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How to Bury A Saint at The Schoolhouse Theatre:

The New York Times: "Ashley, whose good-natured warmth is nicely conveyed by Megan Mekjian...accompanies the lively and magical tarantella that Ms. Mekjian choreographed near the conclusion of Act One.)" Click here to read the full article.


Royal Fables at Access Theatre:

New York Theatre Review: "Director and choreographer Megan Mekjian does an excellent job, moving moments fluidly and telling a visual story throughout.  She provides princesses with their own distinct movements as well as choreographs large dance scenes that both propel the action forward as well as connect to the other stories as a whole."  Click here to read the full article.


On the Town at Barrington Stage Company:

The New York Times: "John Rando’s production of “On the Town...” is one of those rare revivals that remind us what a hit show from long ago was originally all about..." Click here for the full article.


Fiddler on the Roof North American Tour:

"...the brightly-colored fantasy “The Dream” culminates in the hilarious-yet-horrifying ghost of Fruma-Sarah (Megan Mekjian) towering and shrieking above scattering townsfolk." Click here to read the full article. 


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